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Slice, Surface, and Animation extraction
Real-time Slice navigation
3D Anatomical Structure Viewer
Combined 2D and 3D Anatomical Visualization (Beta Version)
Visible Human Video Editor
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Visible Human Visualization Software (VHVS)

We have produced a DVD containing the full Visible Human server. It offers you an access to all the services using the labeled Visible Human dataset without internet connection. This software only works on Windows 2000/NT/XP.

The price of the DVD is 200, and comprises handling fee and postal mail. (Currency converter)

To obtain a copy of the VHVS DVD, please fill out the following form as well as the following license agreement, and send them by fax to the Peripheral Systems Laboratory of EPFL:

Fax number: +41 21 693 66 80

After EPFL has received your payment, we will send the DVD by priority mail.


    What does the DVD contain?
    The DVD contains the dataset and all the services that are available on the website: the slice, surface, and animation extraction, the real-time slice nvaigation, the 3D anatomical structure viewer, as well as the combined 2D and 3D anatomical visualization. It also includes the extra features allowing to save markers, 3D scenes and 3D animations.

    How can you store everything on a single disc?
    The DVD only includes the male dataset, which occupies 12GB in its original form. However, by stripping all unnecessary data and by compressing the remaining, the size of the dataset is reduced to 3GB, which fits on a DVD. The same reduced dataset is used by the website.

    I am concerned about faxing my credit card information. How safe is it?
    Your fax arrives directly in the office of our lab's secretary, which remains locked outside opening hours. Since she takes care of the payment, she is the only person that will see it.

    How long will it take to get the DVD?
    The DVD is sent by priority mail from Switzerland about a week after your fax has been received. The tracking number will be sent to you by email, enabling you to follow you order. Delivery times can be found here.

Please let us know your impressions and send a message to the project developers