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Visible Human Video Editor

In order to provide additional Visible Human services especially for teaching anatomy, we have produced a software named Visible Human Video Editor. It enables teachers to create anatomic video presentations incorporating animations, sound, and cursor movements. Didactical video presentations are created by controlling the video flow in real time (modification of the frame rate), giving vocal explanations and pointing with the mouse-controlled pointer at interesting locations. Several sequences can be stitched together into a single video file.

Due to the real-time requirements of this application, it will run reliably only on Windows 2000. Although it may run on Windows 98/ME, you might experience some unexpected behaviour on these operating systems. This application requires Microsoft DirectX components (download here).

To download the Visible Human Video Editor, use this link: (zip archive, 431kB)

A few samples of animations extracted from our applets and then commented with this software can be downloaded here.

Please let us know your impressions and send a message to the project developers