Visible Human Server
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Slice, Surface, and Animation extraction
Real-time Slice navigation
3D Anatomical Structure Viewer
Combined 2D and 3D Anatomical Visualization (Beta Version)
Visible Human Video Editor
Sample animations
About us

About the creators of this site

The following people have contributed to this site (in alphabetic order):

EPFL Peripheral Systems Lab staff and students:

  • Jean-Christophe Bessaud Development of slice sequence animation extraction server and applet
  • Laurent Bovisi Development of the first offline Visible Human slicing system
  • Remy Chaudier Development of Visible Human Video Editor
  • Olivier Courtois Development of the first version of ImageServer, a library for managing large 3d image sets using extents (3D subvolumes)
  • Frédéric Evesque Development of the 3D anatomical structure viewer applet
  • Dr. Oscar Figuereido Research in discrete geometry and development of the slice and surface extraction server
  • Dr. Benoit Gennart Creation of CAP (Computer Aided Parallelization framework)
  • Prof. Roger D. Hersch Vision and project management
  • Sebastian Gerlach Development of the real-time slice navigation server and applet; development of the labeled slice extraction server; design and implementation of the Visible Human Server Web Site and its database services
  • Tri-Linh Lu Grouping of 3D anatomical structures, quality evaluation
  • Christophe Maillard Development of the new slice, surface and animation extraction applet
  • Dr. Marc Mazzariol Co-developer of the CAP framework, CAP support
  • Dr. Vincent Messerli Development of PS2, a striped file system for parallel applications based on CAP
  • Dr. Joaquin Tarraga Development of CAP-based continuous media server
  • Samuel Vetsch Development of the first Visible Human slice server applet
External contributors

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