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Sample animations and tutorial videos

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Tutorial and demonstration videos:

En Français: In English: Auf Deutsch:

Slice animations:

3D animations:

Dimensions Length Size
Lungs and skin in transparency 300x300 19s 3.85MB
Urinary system 300x300 25s 4.75MB
Nervous system of the head 300x300 28s 5.01MB

Animations with vocal explanations and pointer:

Dimensions Length Size Language
Description of the lungs 300x300 24s 2.01MB French
Presenting the Vena Cava 300x300 45s 2.29MB French
The ureters 300x300 46s 5.77MB French
The ureters 300x300 46s 8.38MB English
Description of the left hand 300x300 2min07s 9.86MB French
The digestive system 300x300 2min20s 8.05MB French
The digestive system 300x300 2min21s 8.09MB English

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